“I’ll start my diet on Monday.” That was the theme of my life from age 13 until mid-thirties. That is when I discovered there is another way to live, a way to thrive, without dieting. Thriving began with the realization that I was sugar dominated. I lived from one sweet to the next. I began to research and study to discover how sugar was holding me in bondage. Once free from sugar, I felt real energy for the first time I could remember. I poured my energy into studying nutrition and beyond that, how to live and eat in the light of the truths I uncovered. That was over 20 years ago.

The journey to thriving lasts a lifetime. It took me from a career in classroom education to my real calling, leading others to thrive with plant-plentiful living. Rather than “Eat all the foods you love and lose weight” my motto is “Learn to love real food and thrive.” Let me show you how to thrive.

I enjoy active living on the southern Oregon coast. When I am not health coaching, I stay busy running, hiking, biking and square dancing with my husband, Jeff, my better half. I enjoy spending time with my three adult children and grandchildren too.

The inspiration for everything I do comes from my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is my ultimate reason for taking care of my physical body. It is also the driving force behind Not Diets, which is my avenue for showing others how to depart from the contemporary way of eating and sedentary living.

I founded Not Diets, LLC in 2010 to motivate other to thrive. I began with one-on-one coaching and training, but soon moved to classes to make room for more clients. Hundreds have participated in local 15-week classes, themed cooking classes and continuing education classes. 2019 marked my first distance client using Not Diets Online.

All of this began with:

  • B.A. in education from Asbury University
  • Studied Exercise Science at Fitness Institute International in Florida
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer, since 2007
  • ACE Certified Health Coach, since 2011
  • Worked at the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Co-authored Never Be Fat Again, published in 2007 by HCI
  • Authored Beyond Healthy Recipes, first published in 2011
  • Authored health articles in “Healing Our World” magazine
  • Wrote column in Beyond Health News, CME speaker for physicians at Bay Area Hospital, Speaker/Food Demos for local groups including Women’s Health Events speaker in Florida and Oregon
  • Provided “Health Minutes” for local radio station