1 ¼ cup organic garbanzo beans (cooked volume) or 1-15 oz can (reserve aquafaba or bean water if desired
1/8 cup raw organic almond butter
2 medjool dates, halved & soaked in 3/8 cup warm water (for a couple hours if possible)
2 T. raw carob powder
2 T. organic cocoa powder
2 tsp. organic gluten-free vanilla extract
1 T. Swerve brown
¼ tsp. Celtic or Real Salt
¼ cup unsweetened plant milk (extra if need for consistency)
1-2 tiny scoops Omica Organics Stevia (to taste)
Cacao nibs and berry for garnish (optional)

Slip the skin off of the soaked date and remove the seed. Place the drained beans, almond butter, date and date water along remaining ingredients (except the nibs and berry for garnish) into blender and blend until smooth. The key to making this recipe tasty is to blend it very well until it becomes nearly a mousse consistency. Stop and scrap down the sides of the blender. Add plant milk, water or aquafaba if desired to make it a creamy consistency. Taste to check for sweetness. Scrap from blender into serving bowl. Garnish with cacao nibs to add a nice crunch and with a raspberry or strawberry for color if desired.

Serve with apple or pear slices (brush with lemon juice to prevent browning), banana chunks, celery, dried apple chips (without added sugar or oil), jicama fries (cut jicama in French fry shapes)