Let Michelle help you get to peak health!

Not Diets Daily Coaching

This coaching provides daily accountability for those who have read about plant-based living, but need help making it work in their lives. It is one thing to believe plant-based living is the best for our health and longevity and it is another thing to apply it to our lives. Michelle helps participants via a daily log on a google sheet. Log includes, food log, goals set with health coach for moving, recording steps, sleep and water consumption and other aspects of healthy living.
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Online Endurance Coaching

Let Michelle take you all the way to your goals with personalized online coaching with daily accountability. It takes more than 15 or 16 weeks to change a lifestyle. Continued coaching is available to all who have completed the online Lifestyle Journey or the local 15-Week Class.
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Endurance Education Classes

These classes are held every Monday evening at 5:30 with an online format. Anyone who has taken the Not Diets class or is currently coaching with Michelle is welcome to join. Classes are designed to encourage clients to continue their journey, give further instruction and new recipes.
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Daily Encouragement Texts

Get a daily Message from Michelle by text to help you thrive. Messages cover all aspects of healthy living to keep you on the right path. This is just $5 a month. To order, click to place in cart and order one or more months, providing your text number.
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