16-Week Plant-Powered Immunity Boost

Thrive with a strong, plant-powered immune system and reach ideal weight at the same time. You get one-on-one, personal coaching with Michelle, including daily accountability. You can have it all from the comfort of your home, no matter where you live. This flexible coaching allows you to choose the time you set aside for improving your future. Michelle will lead you through the book she co-authored, provide you with new recipes and help you discover how to make it work for you.
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15- Week Local Lifestyle Solutions Course

Thrive with a local class in Michelle’s home studio and the Not Diets Kitchen. Michelle coaches through her book, Never Be Fat Again in 15 sessions. Each session involves teaching by Power Point and ends with a food demo and taste in the kitchen. Next class begins Tuesday, March 3, 2020.
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Online Endurance Coaching

Let Michelle take you all the way to your goals with personalized online coaching with daily accountability. It takes more than 15 or 16 weeks to change a lifestyle. Continued coaching is available to all who have completed the online Lifestyle Journey or the local 15-Week Class.
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Endurance Education Classes

These classes are held twice a month (each time with a Monday evening or Tuesday daytime option) at the Not Diets Studio. Open to anyone who has completed an initial coaching journey with Michelle, either online or in-person. Classes are designed to help clients continue their journey. Each class provides instruction and a new recipe to taste.
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Daily Encouragement Texts

Get a daily Message from Michelle by text to help you thrive. Messages cover all aspects of healthy living to keep you on the right path. This is just $5 a month. To order, click to place in cart and order one or more months, providing your text number.
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