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This course is designed to go through the book Michelle co-authored in 15-weeks, teaching many aspects of healthy, active living. Participants will learn how to incorporate a positive mindset, nutrient dense eating and care of the physical body. The class will meet for 75 minutes each week during which time there will be teaching, discussion, tasting and usually preparation of healthy foods. Goals will be set for each participant to work on during the week at home, from exercise to nutrition and other aspects of healthy living.

Prior to the start of the class, those who desire to participate will complete paperwork, including a health history, exercise history and other pertinent information, including a 3-day food log. Each participant will meet for an initial consultation to go over the paperwork and be sure they are medically cleared (if necessary) to participate. Participants may purchase a pedometer ($15- $30) and the text for the class, Never Be Fat Again ($13). The class will require a commitment to 1) do a short reading assignment each week 2) prepare and log food 3) plan some time for moving/exercise. Cost of the 15-week course is $25 per session, totaling $375. This amount is payable at the start of the class and non-refundable if a participant misses a class. Arrangements can be made to pay in increments if needed. There will be a 10% discount given to the second immediate family member when multiple members participate together. The topics for each week are:

Week 1: Foreword and Introduction to Never Be Fat Again – An intro to nutrient-dense eating. Learn the “Forever Five” foods, around which to build meals. Learn to incorporate physical activity into each day. Tasting one of the most nutrient-dense foods.

Week 2: Chapter 1- Fighting Fat as a Disease. This class will explore the real nature of health and disease and things we can do to change our health. We will also learn how to make Not Diets style green smoothies.

Week 3: Chapter 2, part 1- We begin our consideration of sugar as the first of the “Fatal Four.” We will be making Healthy Lifestyle Ice Cream. Body weight exercises will be introduced for members to do at home.

Week 4: Finish chapter 2 on sugar and come up with some strategies to eliminate it from our home and from our food choices. We will sample a healthy alternative- blood sugar stabilizing legumes. Instruction on soaking and cooking beans with a new recipe.

Week 5: Chapter 3- part 1- This session will cover white flour/rice and even modern wheat and offer plenty of other options, which we will explore and sample along with more exercise and healthy mindset goals. Learn about and taste wheat alternatives.

Week 6: Chapter 3- part 2- processed oils will be considered along with better options for your health. Sample some oil free alternatives for salad dressings. Resistance exercise with bands introduced.

Week 7: Finish chapter 3 and discuss dairy consumption- zero in on The China Study, which is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted. Preparing Nut Milk and cheese alternative.

Week 8: Tonight, we will discuss the movie Forks Over Knives & consider healthy meal alternatives that don’t contain animal protein. We will be making legitimate nachos.

Week 9: Chapter 4- Foods that Energize, Repair and Keep You Trim. Using tempeh in place of meat- Prep and try tempeh sausage

Week 10: Chapter 5- Other Pieces of the Overweight Puzzle. We will consider alkalizing foods, prep and taste Teeccino.

Week 11: Chapter 6- Toxins-We will consider toxins as a source of overweight and other health issues. We will consider toxic additives in processed foods and in products we use every day in our homes and on our bodies. Discover healthier options that are available to keep our cells working optimally. Taste alternatives to peanut butter and try skincare products without toxins.

Week 12: Chapter 7- focuses on our mindset and how important it is in forging a healthy lifestyle. What we allow ourselves to think is even more important than what we put into our mouths! Learn to prep, how to use and taste sprouts….

Week 13: Chapter 8, part 1- EXERCISE- A more thorough consideration of three types of exercise and how to schedule for them. Talk about dehydrating food and make some crackers together.

Week 14: Chapter 8, part 2 – We will consider other aspects of caring for our physical bodies from stress management, to adequate sleep, healthy use of the sun, continuing education and proper breathing. Talk about chocolate and learn to make some treats.

Week 15: Chapters 9-11- This class will explore the role of genetics in health as well as supplements and prescription drugs. We will end with a healthy Not Diets Style Bowl meal.