“In just 4 months I have the lowest blood pressure I have ever had in my life, I lost 25 pounds and I’m feeling great. I am reaching goals that I thought were just a distant dream!”

Thrive with plant-based, active living as you work with Michelle, going step-by-step through the time-tested and proven Not Diets Program. Online coaching provides tighter accountability than taking the class locally. Rather than waiting for the next class to receive feedback on food logs and issues that come up, you get more immediate help at least 5 or 6 days a week.

The text for this class is the book Michelle co-authored, Never Be Fat Again, though a better title is Never Diet Again. You will learn how to NOT DIET, but live with energy and at an ideal weight. This is a Lifestyle Journey, not a temporary weight loss diet.

The program is designed to take you through all aspects of living for wellness in 16 weeks (four months). A commitment is required on the part of each participant. Client and coach communicate daily via a google sheet on which there will be assignments 5 days each week. These range from reading pages from the book, videos provided to watch (most are short), handouts sent by email, or links to read online. Clients have input as to which days are best for them to do assignments. Each client is also expected to log food and beverage intake on an the spreadsheet each day. Clients have individual activity goals also recorded on this sheet. On this sheet, clients can confidentially report victories, struggles, weekly weight and ask questions, etc.
Each participant will also have the option to Skype or an online Q & A with Michelle weekly.

Included in the monthly fee is a new recipe to make weekly which goes with what you are learning or an individual need. In addition, as part of being an online client, you will receive an encouragement text each morning, typically between 7-8 AM PST. This can help in maintaining a positive outlook each day.

I take Sundays off so that is one day I will not check in with clients, but clients still receive a text encouragement. I always check in Monday through Thursday and then either Friday or Saturday. (some weeks both if I know a client needs encouragement). A minimum of 5 days each week, clients get speedy feedback to keep them actively engaged.

One client reported,

“I read the book on my own over a year before I started working with Michelle. I began online coaching in May and I have learned so much more by going through the book a second time, getting personal input daily from Michelle. She has helped me regarding my food intake and other items that needed some adjusting. I continue to be amazed at how well our body will repair damage that we have done to it for years, in such a short period of time.”

The program is designed as a 4-month endeavor which includes a book, daily texts and everything mentioned above for $600.

For a one-month commitment the fee is $175 plus the purchase of a book. The one-month commitment may be extended a month at a time, or the remainder of the program may be purchased after the first month for $450.

There is a discounted maintenance option for any desiring accountability following the 4 months.