Continue your Journey to Thrive beyond the initial 15 or 16-week commitment. This online option is flexible and provides daily accountability until your new habits are second-hand. A 2013 study showed that adherence to a new lifestyle improves when programs provide follow up for at least a year after the initial intervention.

I have personally witnessed the difference that Endurance Coaching makes. That is why I offer:

  • Personalized daily coaching via a google spreadsheet on which clients have a workout plan, record daily steps, food, drink and water intake, sleep, reading, actual exercise, weekly weight, affirmations, feelings and issues and have opportunity to ask questions.
  • Feedback from Michelle and help tweaking lifestyle at least 5 days each week (at times, 6)
  • Daily text messages are included to help clients set focus for each new day.
  • Recipes are included for online clients as available. Always the 2 new endurance recipes each month and also other recipes as Michelle sees individual needs.

All of this for $70 per month, payable by PayPal. Commitment is for one month at a time.