If you have taken my classes, you know I call the rebounder my “secret weapon.” If I could have only ONE piece of exercise equipment, this would be it. The bounce is not only FUN, but flushes the entire lymphatic system in two minutes. If you live on the Oregon Coast and want to try mine, call for an appointment: 541-217-4222.

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Water is vital for health. Most Americans and most new clients I meet are chronically dehydrated and do not even know it. Drinking tap water or purchasing bottled water in plastic is not the best answer due to toxic load. A source of pure water is essential in the journey to a better future. Whether you choose the under the sink system, the refrigerator line filter, a pitcher or an individual stainless-steel bottle, Clearly Filtered is the best product I have found to provide pure water. For travel, the pitcher can provide pure water anywhere- at a campsite or in a hotel room. I take mine in my suitcase. This pitcher cannot be compared to others on the market. The list of contaminants that Clearly Filtered removes is unsurpassed. The water bottle can be filled at rest stops, restaurants or after going through security at the airport for pure water anywhere. Please click through my page when you order products from Clearly Filtered.

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The one supplement I recommend for many that is not a Perque product is Detoxadine, nascent iodine. I believe Iodine is a MAJOR deficiency in our day. I believe this based on what I have learned from credible MDs like Edward Group III and David Brownstein. The standard American lifestyle is full of endocrine disruptors and other toxins which block the absorption of iodine. Iodine deficiency is serious as every cell in the body needs iodine to function properly and keep us healthy. It is estimated that 74-90% of Americans may be deficient. To speak with me about symptoms of deficiency and what conditions are associated with deficiency, feel free to contact me.

I, personally, use Detoxadine because it gives the biggest dose of iodine in a vegetable glycerin form. Iodine seems to be most stable in vegetable glycerin. While some pills or capsules offer greater amounts of iodine, I am told it is not as bio-available or well assimilated as the liquid. To order Detoxadine, just click on the image to the left. There is no shipping charge. When you re-order, please use my site to access the iodine. This lets Dr. Group know that I sent you.

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When it comes to supplements, they can be very helpful in recovering health, due to the fact that deficiency is one cause of DISEASE. However, if a client has a limited income, I advise that the FIRST step to health is to use the money to purchase good, organic whole vegetables, beans, fruit, raw nuts and seeds. Whole plant food will do more to transform health than anything.

I often encounter people who just want to pop a supplement pill and get HEALTH. It does not work that way. First, dietary and lifestyle changes need to be made. Once a person is eating predominantly whole plant food and beginning each day with a half pound of greens in a smoothie, THEN supplements come into the picture. Supplements are just that- supplements, or HELPS to good nutrition.

So much money is wasted on poor quality supplements that probably do more to create disease than prevent it. That is why I do not trust most supplements. I do carry and recommend Perque Supplements for the clients with whom I work. The reason I chose Perque is because I know they use high quality processes and ingredients to make a truly pure supplement. I know this because my co-author for Never Be Fat Again is an MIT trained chemist. He consulted for supplement companies, but most of them would not follow his advice because it was either too expensive or not what consumers were demanding. As a chemist, Raymond knows what it takes to make a viable supplement. When it comes to supplements, you usually do get what you pay for. Raymond chose Perque supplements because they do what it takes to make pure, effective supplements. Dr. Russell Jaffe is an M.D. and PhD and the founder of Perque.

Perque supplementsPerque products are not offered on my website. Perque has a policy that only physicians, health coaches or other providers whom they have approved may sell their products and they may sell them ONLY to people who are receiving their services. Therefore, if you find Perque products on the internet, you should question their integrity. Perque representatives tell me that some are seeking to market counterfeit or expired products online.