WAY LESS WES… Find out how Wes went from taking three blood pressure meds and a daily antacid to taking no meds, looking better and feeling great.
Let me start by saying I was very skeptical about taking the Lifestyle Solutions Class. The first time my wife asked me to, I told her I was not interested. That changed when I ran into a friend who looked fantastic. He had lost weight and looked younger. When I asked him what he had done, he told me that he and his wife took the very class I declined to take with Lisa. Now I became interested.

When we first met with Michelle, I was taking 3 blood pressure meds, along with Zantac or Prilosec daily. Most nights I ate tums as if they were candy. I had terrible gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) I didn’t have any expectations of the class other than losing weight to look better for a 30-year anniversary trip to Kauai.

One thing that amazed and surprised me when we got into the class was that I never felt hungry. I thought it would be a deprivation-type experience, but I was wrong. I ate tons and lost weight. I learned that it wasn’t how much I ate as much as WHAT I ate. Michelle taught us about nutrient rich foods that would nourish us and I could eat them until satisfied.

My biggest challenges were getting away from fast food, sweet tea and Starbucks Frappe drinks. I now enjoy healthier versions of tea and coffee without sugar just as much. I was surprised I learned so much about how to eat.

One way the food industry pushes their products is by making them irresistible. We get sick, go to the doctor, get a prescription and start taking pills while we continue to eat and live to promote disease. That cycle is the norm. I never realized I could do something different. I have lost 50 pounds and feel great. I went to Kauai at the same weight I was during my honeymoon 30 years ago! The best news is that I no longer take ANY meds. No blood pressure meds, no reflux remedies and no tums. Nothing! I have no reflux symptoms at all. My blood work has never been better. I am glad I learned to avoid “fast food,” enjoy REAL food and live for my future. I don’t want to go back.


My husband and I took the plunge and got way more than either of us expected!
I’ve always been active and conscious of what I eat due to having a weakened immune system. Eating poorly made me feel bad. 30 years of marriage to a fabulous southern boy who loves to cook caused the pounds to slowly come on. I felt it was impossible to take them off. I figured it was just part of growing old, right?

Michelle is our neighbor. My husband and I often walked by her home and saw people going to and from classes. I had heard about the classes she teaches so I suggested we take the class but he wasn’t interested. He loves to cook and feared that if we ate healthy it would mean small portions and non-palatable food. We learned we were wrong about that.

My husband and I took the plunge and signed up for the class before our 30-year anniversary trip to Kauai. Our goal was to incorporate a few of the class lessons on eating healthy but not commit to all of it. At our consultation, we told Michelle we were concerned that in Kauai we wouldn’t be able to eat out and make the most of the trip. She stated that by the end of the class we wouldn’t want to eat the same way. She told us we would learn how to eat out and make healthier choices. Little did we know that by the end of the class we were excited to “go healthy” on this vacation. We had a blast finding health food stores and restaurants that incorporated our new life style. We were able to eat great and had new energy to bike ride, hike, kayak, you name it on the trip. We felt fantastic. No more aching back and tiredness.

Now my husband and I love to be active together. We have a great time grocery shopping for healthy choices. Not even trying, I lost those last 30 pounds! I had several medical issues that have been totally eliminated simply by eating healthy! Greens, greens, greens!! My eyes have been opened to how the food companies create addictive processed foods. I know eating this way is right because of how I feel. It’s that simple! Let me recap what I think about this class. It’s Life Changing!


I chose to live life to the fullest, rather than heading for a future of pills and illness.
My name is Jodi. I started putting on the weight after I had my three kids. Over the years I tried various diets. While I would lose the weight, I ended up gaining it all back and more. At 42, I had an orthopedist tell me that by the time I was 55 I would need to have both knees replaced, and at some point, my left hip. I could see my future being a fist full of pills throughout the day just to make it through. I hated thoughts of not being able to truly enjoy life to the fullest with my children and grandchildren.I started following Not Diets on Facebook. Michelle’s posts intrigued me. Around this time, I watched the movie, Forks Over Knives and realized it was the same concept. My sister and I started the Not Diets 15-week class in January 2018. I was at my heaviest, 287lbs. I took it seriously and made changes right away. Two weeks into the class all my joint pain was gone. I lost 40 lbs. during the 15-week class. My husband who did not take the class, but changed his eating lifestyle along with me was able to stop taking all his medication for diabetes.

I did not stop at the end of class, but continued living what I learned and attending some of the endurance groups Michelle offers. As of today, at 48, I have lost over 100lbs. Still working towards my goal, I am enjoying a healthier, more fulfilling life. I even took up running for exercise. Thank you, my friend and health coach, Michelle for your wisdom, encouragement, and your passion to help people become healthy.


David chose to reverse diabetes rather than learn to manage it. He reduced his A1C from 8.5 to 5.7 in just weeks!
My name is David and I would like to share how Michelle’s Not Diets Lifestyle Solutions class changed my life. Her class is based on her book Never Be Fat Again.

As I begin, I wish to share how I came to the point that I needed to change my lifestyle – both eating and exercise. In November of 2014, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes with an A1C of 8.5. It was at this point that my lovely wife and I decided that if we wanted to live a long, prosperous life, we needed to change our lifestyle. Our family doctor recommended that we check out the class at our local hospital on how to manage diabetes. I didn’t want to “manage diabetes,” taking pills and possibly more. We said, “Absolutely not!” since we knew Michelle and what she does to help people with health issues by means of lifestyle change.

We contacted Michelle and scheduled a consultation which led us to her class. When we began the class, I weighed 242 pounds and I wore a size 38 in pants. From the very beginning, we knew that we made one of the best decisions of our lives. I did exceptionally well and was losing a minimum of 3lbs a week. I, like so many other people, thought that I ate and lived healthy, when in reality I had no clue what “healthy” meant. I have been enlightened through Michelle’s teaching on how to live a better, healthier life. I no longer make my own barbecue sauces, gravies and so many other high in sugar foods that I once loved.

About 7 weeks into the class, it was time for a 3 months check up with my doctor. My doctor was stunned at the changes I had made in my life, and the 40 pound weight loss. The results of my blood work came back, and to the surprise of many, I was no longer diabetic and my A1C was 5.7! I continued on so that by the end of the class, at week 15, I had lost 57 pounds. The pictures posted here are from my consultation and class 15. It is amazing what you can do in just 4 months, when you put your mind to it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I now live a better, healthier life. Michelle has truly been an inspiration to my wife and me, and I love her dearly. My main goal was achieved but I gained so much more. I have now lost approximately 60lbs and I wear a size 32. My wife also lost a bunch of weight and inches. What a woman! I am truly grateful to Michelle for putting us on a path for whole new life. She is amazing. I love you sis! I still have a lot to learn even though we completed the 15 week class. I am no longer in bondage to a health-destroying lifestyle, but have been liberated and shown a better life. Thank you so much Michelle. You’re the tops!


Obesity was my past, but I chose not to make it my future.
My name is Paula and I have been overweight/obese since I was about 2 years old. As a little girl, my first experience with diet pills was in 2nd grade when my mother got me some medication from the doctor. That was 61 years ago. My weight kept increasing and by the time I was 9 years old, I weighed 160 pounds. By age 17, I was up to 280 pounds. After that, my weight stayed between 275-300 pounds until I had gastric bypass at age 53, weighing 318 pounds.

Following the surgery, I got down to 185 pounds and I was able to maintain between 185-200 pounds by dieting, going to Weight Watchers, and doing all the things people do to try to lose weight. But like everyone else, I would lose 10-15 pounds and then slowly regain the weight. I was gaining weight and had gotten back up to 189 pounds when I realized I needed some way to permanently stabilize my weight and stop the yo-yo dieting that characterized my entire life.

That is when I found Michelle Davis and Not Diets. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my health. It has not been always been easy, but with Michelle’s coaching and the cooking classes that go along with her health education classes, it enabled me to implement the changes I needed to make. I now begin each morning with a green smoothie, I have a large meal-sized salad for lunch or dinner each day. I wear my pedometer daily, have taken up hiking along with my dancing. I also go to the gym for zumba classes. I truly enjoy my new lifestyle and my health has improved. I have more energy and have gotten off of four prescription drugs!

A wonderful side effect of practicing a healthy lifestyle is a healthy weight. All of my adult life I have tried to reach the goal of getting back to 160 pounds, which I weighed as a 9 yr old. I now weigh 150 pounds and am not sure what I will weigh when my body stops losing. I can honestly say that after all these years of focusing on weight, my main concern is no longer my weight, but to maintain good health. With the Not Diets lifestyle, I got both!

Thank you, Michelle, for helping me to achieve a lifelong goal. Here’s to health!

“I loved the classes. They were informative and fun. Lost 35 pounds, and got rid of medications I was taking for blood pressure, and pain.”
Grace H.
“I love the cookbook by Michelle King Davis! She is an inspiring teacher.”
Lana H.
“We are about halfway through the Not Diets class and I have already seen a tremendous improvement. I have lost about 15lbs and my clothes are becoming baggy on me! My belly fat is almost back to where it was a decade ago and I have lost most of my ‘love handles’”
Rick G.
“Michelle is a blessing. My doctor wanted to start blood pressure meds, when I said, “no,” he sent me to Michelle. This is not a diet; it is a different way to look at food. She reminds us to “eat to live, don’t live to eat”. Six months later blood pressure was normal, cholesterol down 100 points and I lost 20 lbs. Now, 2 years later, I’m still loving it.”
Rod C.